Triple T is located in the heart of Illinois' famed trophy triangle. We specialize in trophy archery hunts for big Midwestern whitetails. With over 3000 acres owned and leased, a hunter can expect to see a lot of giant whitetails with little or no hunting pressure. The grounds surrounding Triple T is leased or owned by other outfitters. Along with Triple T, most of the outfitters have strict guidelines that are to be followed. It is important that bucks that are harvested be an older and more mature deer. To enforce this Triple T has what we like to call no "ATM bucks". An ATM buck is a buck that scores less than 130 inches. If a hunter harvests a 130 inch or less buck he or she must then go the ATM and withdraw $500. Yes it's costly but doing this insures plenty of mature deer on the properties.

You will find our accommodations to be quite comfortable. A three bedroom farmhouse with all the amenities puts you in the middle of all the action. It's not uncommon to see record class bucks cruising the draws within eyesight of the house.

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Here at Triple T we like to remind our clients that this is your hunt. All we can do is put you in the best location possible, the rest is up to you. As with any type of hunting, there are no guarantees. Those who put the most time on stand are almost always rewarded with an opportunity. If you want a guaranteed kill then you might want to look into a fenced in or pen hunt. The whitetails that are on the Triple T properties are as wild as they get. The older they get the smarter they get. Good luck to all and we hope to see you soon.

For available hunts and prices please contact:

Jeff Bower @ 1-217-653-7600

Kenny Don @ 1-609-381-0032

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